About Zeenastan

Hello Everyone ,

welcome to my Blog, i am here to share with you lots of tips and trick about beauty , and DIY’s on perfecting and treating your hair, skin & Makeup,  i will also be sharing with you my favourite products that i use and research on.

But here’s a little about me, I’v always loved everything that had ever to do with beauty. all my family and friends know that iv been into Beauty ever since i was younger from a very young age. Back to when we used to put glitter lip gloss and bracelets all over my arms. when i was about 7 i used to put my sisters lipstick and be scared to eat that it might rub off , lol.

Till now I’m 25 years old and my makeup and beauty game is strong , that i wanted to share with everyone what i have learned over the years. You will be surprised to know how much their is to know about beauty.

I come from an all girls family, thats 3 of my sisters and I’m the youngest makes us 4 girls and my beautiful mom. We are a mile eastern Family who live and grew up in Australia our beautiful home now.

So i hope you enjoy my blogs and share the love with the rest of the world ,