PART 1 – Does Charcoal really whiten TEETH ?

So Charcoal teeth whiting has been a great hit all over social media, everyone is talking about and trying it out so i thought to give it a go to see does it really whiten teeth? I bought some activated Charcoal from eBay for $7 AUD


There was so many activated charcoal on eBay, different brands and grams and sizes. They all come with different prices too.

So heres what I had to do, I put small amount of Charcoal on to small plastic bowl.


Then got a new tooth brush and dipped it in water then the charcoal so it can stick well.


I brushed my teeth with it for 1 minute then normal circular motion. I didn’t like the taste, it was horrible. NOW as for the result they didn’t very white straight away, only slightly but they did look cleaner than before. For whiter teeth i have to use this method for once a day for a week. I will write another blog -part 2, in on week time to see if they really do go white after one week.


Hope your guys enjoyed this blog DIY review. Follow or Subscribe For more blogs and reviews daily. Also part 2 of this blog will be up in one week time. xo


By Zeena Ghalavand

Posted by

Hi Guys , My name is Zeena im a Beauty Addict. I LOVE Beauty DIY's to all life hacks & Trends. You will be reading and seeing Everything I Have learnt growing up & all the Life Beauty Hacks I found & experienced 😆. I will Be sharing the TRUTH about all Product I come across and use. Because honesty it’s IMPORTANT for me ! However just because something doesn’t work for me doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. Keeping up with trends and new products even flashing back to the old products is Gold! Because their is so many new things coming out each day that sometimes we forget what we used to use and do that was amazing such as old school hacks and original products. Hope you guys will enjoy & come back for more because I would not only appreciate it but this makes me so happy & the feeling of sharing my knowledge and experiences with you is my life & excitements.

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