3 Ancient Beauty Hacks, that still used Today!!

We are so LUCKY to be in the 21 century! Why u may ask, Because so much is provided for us, from technology to beauty products already made from skincare to makeup. And Baby let me just tell you now what people used to use in the ancient times some of the thing are very disturbing!

Cleopatra was famous for looks and eyeliner, and let me just say she had amazing red lips always, how did she achieve those famous red lips, she used to crushed beetles and she’s not the only one that does that even some companies now make use out of crushed battles for fiery red lips.


This next beauty secret is very disturbing, but works ! 

Japanese Geishas used to used nightingale poop in their facials routine. Aww yeah lets just put poop on our faces ! =I. But seriously is was meant to let their face glow and helps with tighting the skin, anti-aging & most importantly it helped repair skin damages. However this famous facial is actually still used today by A-list celebrities.

wawaza images


As gorgeous as freckles are, in the ancient romans use to hate having the on their faces. so what they did was they used to use Snail Ashes to get rid of them. This technique is still used today at some clinics. It is said that it actually works help fade them away.



by Zeena Ghalavand

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Hi Guys , My name is Zeena im a Beauty Addict. I LOVE Beauty DIY's to all life hacks & Trends. You will be reading and seeing Everything I Have learnt growing up & all the Life Beauty Hacks I found & experienced 😆. I will Be sharing the TRUTH about all Product I come across and use. Because honesty it’s IMPORTANT for me ! However just because something doesn’t work for me doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. Keeping up with trends and new products even flashing back to the old products is Gold! Because their is so many new things coming out each day that sometimes we forget what we used to use and do that was amazing such as old school hacks and original products. Hope you guys will enjoy & come back for more because I would not only appreciate it but this makes me so happy & the feeling of sharing my knowledge and experiences with you is my life & excitements.

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