Tea Bags & Eye Bags !

Hello my Beauties

Now this is not a MYTH ! Tea bags has been used through many countries , and mostly the Middle East. My Mother actually taught me this trick when I was younger when I woke up one day with puffy red eyes. I had a bad reaction to something so my mother placed two used tea bags in the fridge, doesn’t matter is they where black or green.

Us Arabs like black tea so that’s what we used. She placed them for 30min then placed them on my eyes for about 20 min.

Tea bag therapy time

Hoesntly I used this method 2 times a day. &I I must say I was happy with the results. Now if u have pink eye you should treat it right go to the doctors or chemist , my eye wasn’t that bad it was just little red and puffy but no itchying &a nothing coming out of it. 

you can also try this remedy if you haven’t had any sleep or if you have tired eyes 👀 .. OH & Mostly ⬇️

It Reduces DARK Circles 🤗

After relaxing for 20 min with tea bags ✨✨

Give it a try my beauties

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Hi Guys , My name is Zeena im a Beauty Addict. I LOVE Beauty DIY's to all life hacks & Trends. You will be reading and seeing Everything I Have learnt growing up & all the Life Beauty Hacks I found & experienced 😆. I will Be sharing the TRUTH about all Product I come across and use. Because honesty it’s IMPORTANT for me ! However just because something doesn’t work for me doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. Keeping up with trends and new products even flashing back to the old products is Gold! Because their is so many new things coming out each day that sometimes we forget what we used to use and do that was amazing such as old school hacks and original products. Hope you guys will enjoy & come back for more because I would not only appreciate it but this makes me so happy & the feeling of sharing my knowledge and experiences with you is my life & excitements.

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