The BEAUTY of Ricewater !

blog by Zeena Allami

“Rice water is Asia’s Best kept SECRET” It contains nutrients such as Vitamin B, C & E that benefit your skin and hair. it also consists of minerals and amino acids that promote overall health as well as your beauty.

Rice water has been used in eastern medicine to  keep skin youthful looking & makes their hair grow thick, strong and shiny since the ancient times.

It has been told i that female rice farmers used to bath and wash in rice water.

from google images 

look at that HAIR , OMG !

Their is 3 methods to rice water. First is Boiled rice water, second is non-boiled rice water and third is fermented rice water.


  1. Wash 1 cup of organic rice with clean water
  2. cook the rice with an uncovered pan with 3 cups of water
  3. once the rice has been cooked strain the water from the rice and allow it to cool off before use.
  4. store the left over of rice water into the fridge where you can use it for ONE week.


  1. Take two cups of water with half a cups of rice.
  2. leave it for 15 minutes then strain it from the rice from the water.
  3. then once its diluted from the rice, you are able to wash your face and hair with it.


Use the same above non-boiled method and just add extra steps (below are the extra steps)

  1. allow it to sit in a jar in room temperature for two days, but if your room temperature is warmer then allow it to sit for less of that time.
  2. once a sour smell starts to arise refrigerate & use it for SKIN toning and hair rinsing( instead of a conditioner)

you must only use rice water twice a week to reduce build up. Also wash your hair as normal with water after use, with no fear.

Why fermented water u might think whats the difference?

well fermented water is thought to be very good for the hairband skin because the ph levels are in close line to the ph of your skin and hairs. which also causes the reals of a chemical called PITRA that helps promote the regeneration new cells.





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