DIY Yogurt Face Mask


yogurt mask reduced line wrinkles and leaves you with a glowing flawless skin.

by Zeena Allami

Yogurt is an amazing nutrition fermented foods that  not only it is good for you but its also taste Yummy. I eat yogurt with everything , my mom thinks its weird. I also use it as a mask. yogurt contains natural skin whitening properties and helps reduce wrinkles. It also leaves your skin feeling amazing and glowing.

What you will need for your Yogurt Mask is

  • small bowl
  • tablespoon
  • yogurt
  • rose water or you can also use lavender oil.
  • fresh lemon

So all you have to do is Place a tablespoon of yogurt in the small bowl, add 9-10 drops of fresh lemon juice. then add a small amount of Rose water , or if you don’t have that available you can also use Lavender or jasmine oil.

Mix all ingredients together and put it all over your face and neck for 40 minutes. You will literally feel your face fighting and the mask working. my face feels amazing after this mask and also smells amazing.

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Hi Guys , My name is Zeena im a Beauty Addict. I LOVE Beauty DIY's to all life hacks & Trends. You will be reading and seeing Everything I Have learnt growing up & all the Life Beauty Hacks I found & experienced 😆. I will Be sharing the TRUTH about all Product I come across and use. Because honesty it’s IMPORTANT for me ! However just because something doesn’t work for me doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. Keeping up with trends and new products even flashing back to the old products is Gold! Because their is so many new things coming out each day that sometimes we forget what we used to use and do that was amazing such as old school hacks and original products. Hope you guys will enjoy & come back for more because I would not only appreciate it but this makes me so happy & the feeling of sharing my knowledge and experiences with you is my life & excitements.

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